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... Only because of the way the extension framework currently works. However, it's been known to many of us that a simple edit on one line of the java file contents is all we usually need to do in order to get one extension to work in the new version, without having to wait for the extension maker to do it herself or himself.

What bothered me instead was why Firefox felt it needed to emulate Chrome rapid release cycle. Where did it ever felt that Chrome development methodology was an advantage over Firefox previous model. This decision killed for good any hope Firefox could ever have of making its way into the corporate environment. It's now for good (and for bad or worse) a "people's browser". And even more damaging, it pitches Firefox toe-to-toe with Google Chrome. And that battle cannot be won. In fact, it was already lost to me, for instance. Just very recently (last week, if you want to know) I put an end to my 5 year relationship with Firefox. 5 years, not 5 months. 5 years is a lot of time. It's the type of time that no one can accuse me of just not knowing what I am doing.

When Firefox team decides to adopt rapid release cycles, Firefox loses the only thing that differentiated it from Chrome. With one aggravation, Firefox is entirely a collaboration project. This makes Firefox much more open to "the user is the tester" philosophy than Chrome will ever be, since, while open source, it is controlled by a small team of developers. Now, I don't feel like beta testing Firefox releases thank you. I want to use my browser and trust it. And with that, I said goodbye. There being no more nothing to differentiate them, it was inevitable I compared them. And Chrome, like it or not, is a far superior browser.

In the end, I'm annoyed. Of course I am. Firefox development model was fine as it was. It fitted nicely in the collaboration model it adopted since the very beginning and it had hopes of entering the corporate market where it could put an end to the IE 6 once and for all. In fact, no other browser impacted more on IE 6 than Firefox. I predict this to be the beginning of the end to Firefox. And they can never claim Chrome was the one doing it. When the Mozilla team made this decision to put both browsers on the same level, Firefox was still king of the hill with a far superior market than Chrome.
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