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It's humorous that you mention that, Glider, because I use a single extension and it broke with 5.0.

Originally Posted by marfig
However, it's been known to many of us that a simple edit on one line of the java file contents is all we usually need to do in order to get one extension to work in the new version, without having to wait for the extension maker to do it herself or himself.
That kind of thing shouldn't be left up to either the user or developer, though... the design should be better so that extensions don't break with an upgraded version. I assume things are going to have to be changed, because people are going to be annoyed quick if their extensions break four times a year.

Originally Posted by marfig
here did it ever felt that Chrome development methodology was an advantage over Firefox previous model.
I hate to even assume something so absurd, but it seems to me that it's a battle of numbers. Opera is at version 11, Chrome is at 12, and IE is almost at 10. To the ordinary user, Firefox 4 might not seem so impressive.

One thing I've noticed is that neither Mozilla or Google care much about version numbers though. Google has never had the version number even appear on its Chrome homepage, and I noticed last night that Mozilla has opted to do the same. Neither of them want the regular user to care about version numbers anymore, it seems, but it begs the question, why the focus on major increments?

Originally Posted by marfig
Just very recently (last week, if you want to know) I put an end to my 5 year relationship with Firefox. 5 years, not 5 months. 5 years is a lot of time.
I have you beat!

I admit I am back on Firefox and have been since 4.0. I am glad to be "home", but the browser doesn't feel as epic to me as it used to. One thing I -really- liked about Chrome is that its syncing capabilities were near-instant most of the time. Unfortunately, sometimes even if I force a sync on two computers with Firefox, the updates will still take minutes.

I couldn't agree more with you on most of your points though, I've felt the exact same way for a while; hence moving away from Firefox at all. Sadly, as I am not "attached" to it even now, I am sure I will be giving Chrome another good test in another few versions.
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