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Originally Posted by Kayden View Post

I feel like your giving half the story bud. The $250 price tag means they would need an external power connection and thus would be in the X60+ range, to me it sounds like a power supply and not with the card it's self.
What part of...
Case in point... I recently had a system come to me with power problems
Did you not understand?


Your talking about taking a $39 ATI card with no external power requirements and it is running AVI files just fine at 1080p but you didn't put in one from Nvidia at that same price range? I have a 8500 passive MSI video card for my MCEPC, that cost my about $45 when it was new and it runs all of my 1080p content just fine.
Actually, I'm talking about an entire computer that straighened out and flew right with a much cheaper, much less power hungry, cooler running, video card.

Even patching in a higher rated supply didn't bring that level of improvement.

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