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Originally Posted by 2Tired2Tango View Post
What part of...

Case in point... I recently had a system come to me with power problems
Did you not understand?

Actually, I'm talking about an entire computer that straighened out and flew right with a much cheaper, much less power hungry, cooler running, video card.

Even patching in a higher rated supply didn't bring that level of improvement.
I understood that and ran with what you said. I wasn't trying to get you upset so just calm down for a sec, so I can bring you into the fold of where my head is at.

If there is a problem with power and a lower power rated card resolves the problem, then it's a problem for the psu and if putting in another one doesn't fix it then you now have two problems to sort, this 2nd being a driver issue. I know there is one because you had to remove the Nvidia driver and then install ATI drivers, then it started to work just fine. What I don't understand is if you saw the ATI card work better, why didn't you reinstall the Nvidia card and install it's drivers again, to see if there was a performance difference from when it was originally in there? What I would have done is put that video card back in with the slaved psu, if it worked fine I would then reconnect the original psu and see if it worked, the problem might have been driver all along, but that's how I would have gone about looking at the problem.

I am sorry if it caused an upset dude but I only had certain amount info to work with and made the best logically conclusions I could, but I just didn't agree with your process about ts, not about if you think Nvidia or Ati is better.
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