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Originally Posted by Kayden View Post
If there is a problem with power and a lower power rated card resolves the problem, then it's a problem for the psu and if putting in another one doesn't fix it then you now have two problems to sort, this 2nd being a driver issue. I know there is one because you had to remove the Nvidia driver and then install ATI drivers, then it started to work just fine. What I don't understand is if you saw the ATI card work better, why didn't you reinstall the Nvidia card and install it's drivers again, to see if there was a performance difference from when it was originally in there?
We did... how do you think I arrived at my conclusions... Trust me, I'm not so dumb as to compare a malfunctioning system to a good one... Even me with my mere 30 years experience knows better than that. I've been fixing this stuff longer than half of my customers have been alive...

I am sorry if it caused an upset dude but I only had certain amount info to work with and made the best logically conclusions I could, but I just didn't agree with your process about ts, not about if you think Nvidia or Ati is better.
Actually it works like this... You assumed I was stupid and talked down to me... which is going to bother me every time. ESPECIALLY when people start calling me "Dude".

"An unexamined life is not worth living" ... Socrates
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