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One of my uncles, John Picarello, got caught in that mess. He was (retired now) a NYC fireman and he was one of the ones that went into the hotel in between the towers when the first one came crashing down on top of them. He was only 3 feet away from the crash zone of the first tower. He made it out and down the street and sat behind a pickup truck to catch his breath when the second one came down. Thankfully he was alright, with only some breathing problems for the next couple weeks from smoke inhalation. He's also the pastor of a church on Staten Island. Here's his interview with CBN about 9/11:

Also, I just want to say for those who watch this that aren't Christian, please don't belittle or bash this video or my uncle because of it. I myself am one, and I encounter a lot of hatred on the internet because of it...but I don't attack others because of their beliefs. Everyone is entitled to believe what they want to, and I respect that.

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