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I liked the rubber fan mounts to be honest. They were a bit tricky the first couple of times but they release very easily if you need to remove the fans in a hurry. Plus they're great at absorbing vibration because they keep the fan frame isolated from the aluminum fins of the cooler.

Most coolers that I have used that don't secure in the four corners can be moved. The Zalman CNSP7X could, the Thermaltake Jing and Frio OCK could and the Havik 140 would. It's just the way things go when you mount a cooler on one axis. Locking it down in four corners, regardless of whether it's Intel or AMD is always the way to go.

Even with a flat base the cooler came in behind the H70 so that would be one of those instances where it pays to check the reviews. You could try going back to NZXT to see if they will replace it with one that has a flat base but even still it won't be able to match the H70.

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