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Default intel SRT - tests vs reality

Hi guys,

I just wanted to say that I really liked your tests and your layout, I feel like I got some solid information out of yoru testing style, and it was one of the main reasons for going to an SSD. However I feel like there is some improvements that you could have to yoru SRT vs SSD test.

I've just installed SRT and found that it extended my boot times by about 7 seconds as it goes through the pre OS loading stage. Your test was quoting speeds between when the windows screen was shown to the time you could use windows. You should have compared from when the computer was turned on to when windows appeared. Then you can compare SSD boot to SRT boot to HDD boot. The extra overhead of the BIOS stage loading is important if you are comparing times to get into windows.

Not saying bad things about the rest of your test in fact it was after reading the actual useful information in here that I got an SSD, just thought that you might want to improve this part of it.

Also I note that you do a Lightroom test in here, if that's cause you actually use it, maybe it's worth posting to this link:

I found this to be invlauable in deciding where to spend $$$.
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