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Default Hit a glitch in Black Ops

So apparently, this can happen every now and then to some people. In the first level, after you've killed Castro's double and are escaping his compound, a BTR bashes through the wall right as Carlos's men come to save you. Once you destroy the BTR however, the screen blurs and you are greeted with the message saying "Your actions have caused your team members to be killed." There is NO way around it. I tried blowing the BTR up myself with 2 RPG shots, I let Carlos's men blow it up, same result. After looking it seems the only way around it is to restart the level and hope it doesn't glitch again, which it has done to me three times in a row already.

Did some more research, and it has to do with the auto-save feature messing up. Like I originally said, the only way around it is to restart the entire level and hope it doesn't mess up. T_T

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