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Originally Posted by marfig View Post
On a final note, Firefox decision pretty much alienated its corporate user base (no matter what some may say, like a somewhat recent article on Ars Technica). That alone killed, and will keep killing some unknown percentage of its users.
I find the IT department complaints against the release schedule to be beyond idiotic. Okay so I can't get my IT department to deploy a very important bug fix to the version we are using. But all of a sudden they feel compelled to update to versions we don't actually need? Then proceed to complain to me about it?

Consider the releases past 4 as what they actually are, not revolutionary. Only deploy at points that are deemed necessary, go back to playing solitaire while I pay you to maintain my systems.

Security is an important thing and so is compatibility. If a new version is coming out so fast it introduces too many bugs then were not updating to it are we? If we don't need the compatibility it introduces are we? If they delayed the release for 6 months this possible security change would not have existed would it?

Just don't understand how I can have a debilitating bug in a slow release and the bug fix version be such a pain to get deployed but all of a sudden someone wants to complain about something they DONT need to be doing.

I understand one of the harder points of the job is testing updates prior to deploying. You don't know the job of the person you are deploying this to and the larger the company the more potential problems there are. But having been the person doing that particular job I would have loved the job these guys have todo lol. Almost got the chance at a previous employer. Only my boss gave me a raise and then told the IT department to f off.

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