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I had Firefox crashes on a few occasions. Certainly not something to complain much about. But it happened. And while some users may feel fine with it, you have to realize that these aren't just the whims of someone nitpicking. Software development should in fact conform to principles that have existed for a long time. Some actually imposed by the operating systems own General Development Guidelines.

Not all, but a lot of what gave Windows a bad rap was exactly the combination of poorly written software (and device drivers) along with poor understanding of programming languages rules. Memory leaks, abuse of system resources, non conformance to OS guidelines, usually lead to software that is problematic and that, in the hands of an unknowledgeable user, tends to put the blame not on itself but on the operating system.

Another point of concern is that with the emergence of HTML5 we might start to experience in upcoming years a shift in website development methods and website functionality. Web applications may become common and ubiquitous. It's of the utmost importance that web browsers isolate processes both for security and stability reasons.

Finally, it may bother you seeing one browser launching so many processes. But that is exactly the way an Operating System works and how it should work. More processes on your process list isn't going to consume more resources on your machine as long as the software was well developed and does proper process management. It's all just in your head and in your eyes. The operating system, on the other hand thanks the developer who is meticulous enough to do correct process management. And rewards him with an application that is more stable and more secure.

With Windows 8, the Task Manager will know how to present to you process groups in a tree like fashion and properly structure what is today just a laundry list. Chrome, for instance, will be displayed as just one process with several "processes" associated (one per tab).
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