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Originally Posted by MacMan View Post
I'll stick to Opera, warts-and-all!
Of course you would. You really don't even need to post comments like that. I (We) already expect to hear from you on matters like this and your position on everything is just assumed to be in line with every single thought and comment you have shared on these forums.

Originally Posted by RainMotorsports View Post
I find the IT department complaints against the release schedule to be beyond idiotic. Okay so I can't get my IT department to deploy a very important bug fix to the version we are using. But all of a sudden they feel compelled to update to versions we don't actually need? Then proceed to complain to me about it?

Consider the releases past 4 as what they actually are, not revolutionary. Only deploy at points that are deemed necessary, go back to playing solitaire while I pay you to maintain my systems.

Security is an important thing and so is compatibility. If a new version is coming out so fast it introduces too many bugs then were not updating to it are we? If we don't need the compatibility it introduces are we? If they delayed the release for 6 months this possible security change would not have existed would it?

Just don't understand how I can have a debilitating bug in a slow release and the bug fix version be such a pain to get deployed but all of a sudden someone wants to complain about something they DONT need to be doing.
Idiotic? Seriously? While I won't pretend to know what you support in your IT department, I will generalize your job for this single comment and assume that when you say that you work in IT, you are implying that you support computers with browsers installed on them. You support infrastructure alone. I might be wrong but based on your comments above, I think I'm spot on. As long people can get to the internet, to hell with their experience once there. Right?

I agree with what Marfig has said about the frequent upgrades released by the Firefox team as I have seen the troubles first hand. Firefox 7 was released at the end of September and as soon as people started to slowly upgrade when prompted, we began to see significant issues with the software that my company writes. While not back breaking, the issues we began to see did break core pieces of our program and our uses began to get more and more vocal. Starting when it was released, it took about 3-5 days for widespread adoption to take place. After that, a large majority of users were using Firefox 7 and were then unable to load the problematic areas of our program. Bugs were reported and tickets were submitted. Work began immediately on a fix and after about 2 and a half week of work, we had a fix for the problem areas. We are at FF7 launch +3 weeks at this point. The next week we released the fix into the wild and our self hosted customers began to apply the update. The week after that we followed with our hosted customers. This was all just in time for Firefox 8 to drop, the first week of November. The issues with Firefox, relative to our specific problems, were fixed with version 8 so the previous 5 weeks had been for little gain. The effort and work to provide a quality product to our customers was for nothing because the issues introduced in 7 were either removed or fixed in 8. I believe that these are the issues that Marfig is alluding to in his comments.

As a user that doesn't personally use my browser for much more than daily browsing, I am fine with the frequent updates. As a corporate employee impacted by frequent changed, I am livid with the wasted cycles we have to spend every time a new release is unleashed. TO be fair though, FF8 was very tame and little issues were reported. FF7 was a bitch.
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