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Originally Posted by Greg King View Post
TO be fair though, FF8 was very tame and little issues were reported. FF7 was a bitch.
I had issues with 6 and 7 from the get go just in personal web browsing. I switched back to 5 and then went 8 Beta 3 on my laptop for awhile. I would not have even considered deploying either and cant think of too many reasons a Wholesaler, Retailer, Dealership, similar would have ever needed the upgrades. Mind you luckily its not my job to worry about such things. The times I worked in those fields a browser upgrade came around the same time they upgraded the hardware.... eek.

What concerns me is the this urge to upgrade all of a sudden that did not exist prior. Ive been in places where it was okay that we had to restart machines due to memory leaks. Too much of a pain to deploy that fix but now you moan that every 6 weeks there is a new version. How many people would wait 5 weeks when a new version of IE came out to even download it to see what the general feedback on the web is?

As I said I know the hardest part is testing software against someones job you don't even do. There are too many unknown variables that don't get tested until after being deployed. With rapid release the real problem is lost money in lost productivity and more time spent tracking and fixing problems. But the problem is upgrading a working solution isn't something that was that compelling in the past and now it is?

Now if your customer base is using the browser is a different problem, but it is a problem if your a developer. I am just saying that's not the issue I am talking about. When a new version is out and you have very good communications with your client its almost easy to say please upgrade. When your client is the average web user this communication is not always there or is ignored. But if they don't have control of this then your really screwed. In the past developing browser based/browser interacted solutions probably could survive needing to be patched 6 weeks into a new browser release. Not sure If I want to describe it as a more urgent rush to fix at this point since obviously in the same amount of time a new version might fix this. But you have 6 weeks until another headache my arrive and you still need to find a permanent solution for the last problem.

I have Aspergers Syndrome so I have a little different logic. The way the world turns doesn't usually make much sense to me. I either follow very unwillingly or I stand up and take leadership. Please forgive me for my English. It is my first language sadly. I had a hell of a time with it in High School and College. For the laughs I always say I speak Borland Pascal just fine thank you.

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