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Originally Posted by DarkStarr View Post
Meh, that's why mine is rooted and as soon as the Cyanogen port is polished enough I will toss that on it. I have all bloat crap removed and slimmed down and moved to external thanks to Titanium Backup, much easier than getting the SDK and tweaking IMO. Then again the phone is a midlevel phone so it has 160mb ROM space and like another 160mb internal, then you have w/e is on SD and due to the SD I have quite a bit free on both ROM and Internal.
This is an area I've not been too familiar with. I've never rooted a phone, because I've never felt the need to, but I might at some point just to see what's possible. If I had an iPhone you'd bet I'd root it immediately, but Android is far less restrictive from the get-go.
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