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Originally Posted by Jakal
Pc-3200 is really suited for AMD processors right now. Intel is beyond that with their DDR2 and PC4200 ram sticks. If you were to ask Intel users it'd be a different result than AMD users. Pc-3200 is the standard now for AMD.
Intel differs from AMD, because Intel sells pure GHZ. There processors are sold based on their number of GHZ. Intel focuses on the highest possible GHZ and they need fast RAM that can keep up with the speed of the processor. AMD focuses more on the efficiently of their processors. They try to release processors that get the most efficiency out of every drop of GHZ. Thats why an AMD processor running at 2.4 GHZ can do as well or better then an Intel processor at 3 GHZ. It is because AMD doesn't rely as heavily on high GHZ that they work fine with PC-3200 memory. Don't require as much memory bandwidth to get the performance out of their chips.
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