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You managed to move Facebook? I don't think I was able to for some reason. So kudos on that.

There ARE some programs that just refuse to be moved for some reason, but I'm not entirely sure why. If anything, some of them might tie themselves to the underlying system and be required to be on the fastest storage possible. It sucks though, especially when you have barely any in-phone memory.

If you are looking to move more stuff that's just not moveable, it's not going to be possible without rooting your phone, and it's probably unsafe to go that route. One important thing I should mention is that I've found even if apps are moved to the SD card, sometimes remnant data is left on the phone until it's uninstalled. So if you have a LOT of apps installed, you can expect a fair bit of space on your phone to be taken up even if you move the apps (I am not sure if it's caches or what, I haven't ever figured it out).
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