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Finding fans can be more more challenging than it should be. I check newegg (which has a great return policy) and have filtered all other WC sites down to mostly Performance PCs. There is always jab-tech & frozencpu which come up. Performance PCs has always shipped the same day.

Also, the Zalmon VF1000 I just received was missing 1 compression spring ... received 3 of 4. I contacted Performance, they contacted their supplier, who in turn emailed back copying me also & indicating that a spring was going out priority UPS. All of that transpired in the same day ... hard to ask for much more than that.

For radiators, thick fans are best. I have have the low speed version of these Fesers. According to Performance (I asked them) those low speed fans are not available any longer as "the company is difficult to work with". The hi speed fans in that link would be much too loud for any normal environment. 65 dBa!!!!! They also offer Pabst fans and are much quieter. I will admit that I have forgotten how loud might be too loud. Those Pabst at 39 dB still seem a little too loud tho and I do not believe that you need that kind of air flow ... I would stay below that noise level & is why I used push/pull.

Because I have the push/pull which is overkill I added these filters just to keep the dirt out.
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