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Originally Posted by Jakal View Post
RAID 5 looks attractive. If I understand it correctly, you can achieve similar/better data transfer for game loading while still retaining redundancy.
Absolutely! RAID5 is the performance "middle of the pack". On a 4-disk RAID5 array, I top out at about 290MB/s read speed with 5600RPM 2TB drives (a single drive on that system does a throughput of about 130MB/s). That's about 60% performance of what RAID0 would be but more than twice what a single drive would do. I wouldn't even BEGIN to imagine what you'd get out of three or four SSD's.

Keep in mind that the more "full" RAID5 gets, the slower it can get because of random seek/write speed issues involved in parity calculations...but that's something I'll touch on in the next SysAdmin corner.

However, I will say I'm not a fan of using anything but RAID1 for an OS drive...too many random reads/writes, small files, etc.

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