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Originally Posted by Doomsday View Post
Sweet review dude! Gonna get this one for sure now!
You won't regret it. I just hope that Logitech doesn't come out of nowhere with an LCD-equipped one in a month or so (although, at the same time, I hope it does) - or release a special version of this with additional options (and no stand-out orange piece). Regardless of all that though, if aesthetics aren't a true sticking-point, this KB is awesome.

Originally Posted by DarkStarr View Post
I think I would like a mechanical KB but I don't care too much right now. The other big thing is now that I have had/have a LCD screen on the KB I don't think I can go back.
You'll feel the same way about mechanical in general. Just take Jamie's experience as an example.

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
It is disappointing when the letters on the key caps wear off. The caps are black and the white printing wears off.

With this product, is the key cap is white translucent plastic with black paint? If so, the paint will wear off showing white plastic.

Are the key cap on this product Doubleshot?
I am not familiar with Doubleshot, but given that the back of each key is a gray color, I guess the keys are in fact painted. This issue is a pet peeve of mine as well. Even the Cooler Master Trigger developed that issue after just a couple of months. It's frustrating. For better keys, the cost of the product no doubt would be much higher. Typical serious mechanical keyboards I've seen start off at the same price-point as this one, but don't have any special features.

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I tried the Rosewill 9100 backlit board and decided backlit was not for me. Too bright and distracting.

If I goit it, I would probably replace all the keys with some cherry profile keys and maybe spice it up with some cool stuff from htttp:// or
Those sure could get expensive, but they'd definitely add some flavor, that's for sure
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