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Originally Posted by madmat View Post
After reading your review of the cons I can't see how you could still like it. Yeah, it's faster than 7 and has a smaller footprint due to being designed to run on lower spec mobile machines but speed and light weight aren't everything. Look at the Lamborghini Countach. Insanely fast, extremely light (for it's day) but about as practical as a swimming pool filled with sharks with freaking lasers on their heads.

To me, 8 is the software version of the Countach. Only instead of it killing you if you're not careful, it'll make you want to kill your computer. XP is more like a practical family sedan. It's a bit dated looking, a bit flabby and not the fastest thing out there but it gets the job done well and it's comfortable doing it. And at the end of the day you're not left feeling like you had to fight it to get what you needed to do done.
Fixed that for you 7 is more like a high end luxury sedan. Has all the good stuff but is very fast as well. In addition its familiar vs a whole new way of doing things. (Sorta like the lambo that you have to sit halfway out of the car to back it up, 8 is like that)
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