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Originally Posted by DarkStarr View Post
Fixed that for you

There's nothing outdated about Windows 7. Unless we want to start believing the Microsoft marketing pitch that says an Operating System launched 3 years ago and hailed as the best yet, is today a piece of crap incapable of dealing with current software and after all that was said is in fact very difficult to use by kids and grannies.

By that account we should start immediately believing that Windows 8 is a piece of crap incapable of dealing with software and very difficult to use by kids and grannies. Because you know what they will say about Windows 9.

Unless someone reminds me of the fact, I don't seem to recall any software revolution happening in the meantime that completely changed the way programs look and behave. They are the same as they were. The Chrome browser is pretty much unchanged, games didn't take on a new dimension, Adobe still makes the same stuff.

Matter of fact Windows 7 is a capable operating system if there ever has one. And yet, here we are again discussing the non essential. Getting distracted by user interface changes is the best service we can make to Microsoft and its years of lack of technological innovation on fields that should be a whole lot more important to the advancement of how we use our computers. By pitching the UI as the most important aspect of an operating system, Microsoft is putting us all to sleep.

What's been Microsoft biggest Technological innovations of the past 20 years? NTFS and to some extent UAC/UIPI. The first a true innovation, the second a copy of the security measures designed by other operating systems some 30 years ago. I'm being dishonest? Try it. Find me something truly technologically revolutionary about Microsoft Windows since Windows NT.

And yet we have been promised many. None delivered. Anyone remembers WinFS during the development stages of Windows Vista?

Instead since Windows XP we have been constantly given a new face to the same technological backbone. And to makes us go silent over the lack of true advancement on the field of operating system technology, we are told its faster and easier to use.

Let's be clear about something here: Microsoft stock options have been on the flat for a good 4 or 5 years now (I think 5 should be about right). They complain people don't understand the great innovations to Microsoft products, while companies like Apple seem to skyrocket on the stock market. Well, Microsoft may fool the casual consumer, but can't fool those with the real money and who treat that money with care. True innovation is what moves a company price. Microsoft has been a beach stuck whale. No one feels that's a good place to put their money in.
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