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Default Windows 8 for Ages 8-12 (May contain choking hazard!)

Seriously, Microsoft? In order to rope in the non-technical and semi-literate youth of today, the rest of us are supposed to turn off our brains and blindly accept an O.S. that has fewer configuration options than it's predecessor, and forces several bad choices on the poor schmuck who was foolish enough to "upgrade". Is this an effort to tap into those markets (those too stupid to run a PC) by disguising it as a cell phone or tablet? And if so, who really cares? We still have Win 7 - it's not like they're taking that away - and enthusiast desktop components are getting better and cheaper every day. Those of us who build our own systems are not affected at all, and development of Win 7 applications and drivers will continue for years, probably way past the demise of Windows H8 (typographical pun intended). So fellow haters (and fanboys too), let the jokes and anecdotes begin, because Win 8 should be a rich source of humor for years, just as we ridiculed Vista losers in years past. Me, I got along fine with XP, fell in love with 7, and so far abhor Windows 8, so I have nothing against MSFT per se. I understand why they have to diversify and pick a direction for their main push (to stay alive), and I'm not mad at all about it. But I will continue to poke fun and talk s**t about them because it's fun and top dogs should expect to be challenged.
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