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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
The fastest way to kill a metro app is to bring your mouse to the very top, a hand will appear and then drag it down to the very bottom.
Thanks a ton for this; I've updated the article to reflect that. It's pretty amazing just how unknown that fact is. In a Google search, I simply couldn't find anyone who noted this proper solution. All I saw anywhere was "Alt + F4". This is one reason why Microsoft really should have included a tutorial of some sort. It could be that the intro video talks about this, but I wasn't prompted to view it during setup.

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
To view what apps may still be running you can point to the top left while on desktop, right click and close them as well. Or you can also use the snap as you mentioned.
Alright, that's pretty cool. I knew about being able to flick between the apps that way, but had no idea they could be closed there also.

Cheers for the info!

Originally Posted by Hood6558 View Post
Seriously, Microsoft?
First off, welcome to the forums!

Second, I totally agree with some of your points. As mentioned in the article, I've obviously come to a point where I can take the good with the bad, and ultimately end up preferring the OS, but I can totally understand why some wouldn't bother.
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