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Originally Posted by Tharic-Nar View Post
Oh the joys of Intellectually Bankrupt people. Mind you, we've all done something similar in our time; Pushed a door that clearly says pull, poured water into a kettle and wondered why it hasn't boiled after a few minutes, spending hours turning a place over looking for a pair of glasses that are perched on our head...

OK, maybe these things are not quite in the same league...
We should make a thread about stupid stuff we've done. For me:

Put on a pot of coffee but forgot to put the coffee in there.

Took a shower and afterwards realized I didn't bring a towel in there.

Pulled a video card out of a test machine while the PC was still turned on.

Carried one of those ring-shaped Zalman coolers by the fins - and regretted it.

Wore sunglasses at night.

Used the loo and realized there's no toilet paper near.

Turned on the window A/C when I had the room heat turned on.

Plugged a USB thumb drive into one PC and tried to access it on another.

Thought Arsenal had a chance at a trophy in recent years.

As a kid, I thought dipping saltine crackers in my hot chocolate was a great idea.

Not remembering someone's name after meeting them more than a handful of times.
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