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I think it's an amazing card, both technoligically and performance-wised (based on the specs, that is... I don't currently have one). As for TDP, that's generally when cards are used normally, not stress-tested, so I think it'll definitely go far beyond that as well. Heck, my own PC with six-core and 680 can reach 1KW when fully stressed ([email protected]).

I do think sales are going to be rough, but the fact AMD isn't following up with a launch of its own right away is going to help things. It's also an expensive-as-hell card, so its customer base is already very limited. For what it offers though, it's priced-right I'd say, if you want to go the 3x1 route. I think even for a single 30", this card would be overkill for any game. But then again, it's kind of a "future-proofed" card, more than the others anyway.

As for overclocking, did you even read our article? NVIDIA hit 1,100MHz in the lab, which is something like 270MHz over stock.
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