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Default This device is available retail (sorta)

Evercool produces the watercooling kits sold under the Kingwin name. The Kingwin AS-3000 watercooling kit appears to be *identical* besides the badging and color scheme to the WC-F117.

Looking at some other reviews of the Kingwin branded product (not apples to apples, mind you, but similar test situations) showed some lower temps:
p4 northwood oc'ed pretty heavily with an x850: ~50C
a64 3000+ with an ati x700: ~35C

Interesting that with a slightly lower heat load, this cooler does *substantially* better. I wonder if this system is pump limited or radiator limited?

I am curious as to exactly how the circuit was configured for this cooler. I had (still have, actually... just re-deployed it for my linux box a few days ago) a WC-202 system from evercool, and it had a large variance in performance depending on how you set up the circuit. I don't have imperical evidence (who needs silly "measurements" anyways?) to support this, but I generally got lower system temps and gpu temps (and higher overclocks) when Set the system up as:

pump -> radiator -> cpu -> gpu

Anyhow, I guess in the end, the verdict is still the same. This product is a strong performer for the "value conscious" (read: cheapskate) consumer. It also does a good job of cooling your rig without making you deaf.

As an aside, I also had an issue with the tool that Evercool supplied to pry the little rings off that clamp the hoses onto the barbs. Would be nice if they at least included two of the tools or some such...

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