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Thumbs up Thanks for the nod, Brett!

Yup, that brought a much needed smile to the face, appreciate the acknowledgement!

As you can tell, my modding life has slowed substaintially. Not dead, but certainly not the thriving productivity I used to have. With Quakecon coming up here in August, and Modders-Inc running the modding contest again, we are gearing up for another massive bash of enthusiast love! Time right now is being spent rounding up prizes/give aways, and setting the field for the modding contest itself.

Oh, and if there is enough time, I might just squeeze in a fresh mod to bring with me to QC and show off at the booth.... we'll see!

Thank you guys! Techgage has always been a very special spot in my Internet journey, and the love and respect are sent back to you as well.

Talk more soon!
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