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Originally Posted by Rob Williams View Post
One thing I am starting to not like, now that I put the mouse to the light, is the fact that finger grease or whatever is on the left and right click buttons. The regular Sensei had a problem with finger dirt also but it could be cleaned easier than I suspect this will be.

I think you'll like this one Doomsday, as long as you don't mind the aforementioned problem (I am wondering if JD experienced the same?). But, since Razer's products mostly used the same surface it might feel no different (from what I can recall, at least).

You have seriously had bad luck with Razer man, and the first time I ever hear someone recommending Razer to someone else, I think of your experiences, haha.
Yessiree Robski, I have observed the same. Finger oils do leave a smudge on the left-click button (strangely never the right click). But it's very easily wiped off with a wet-wipe (I always have a box near my PC, as I dislike leaving my keyboard and mouse having oil smudges on them).

And, yep, despite the recent glut of mice I've been testing, the Sensei [RAW] has yet to be displaced as my daily driver mouse. I'm in love with this thing.
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