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Originally Posted by Rob Williams View Post
Hi spixel:

I admit I am still left a little confused. You state the RPM doesn't increase after 50%, but the medium and high temperatures differ... I'm not sure what's up there, when mine remained the same. The fanmate I have doesn't state low/medium/high; it's just a dial with the word "up" and an arrow showing which way to turn it. I judged the 50% mark based on how much I had to turn it from its lowest setting to its highest.

For what it's worth, I'm still using the cooler in the same PC it was tested in. Sitting idle at 35C at the moment... not too bad given the rather high ambient temp in here.

/me kicks his A/C.
Epic bump again!

Our fanmates are the same. What I meant is the medium should have been tested at 30 percent. Like you mentioned turning the fan contoller past 50 percent does not increase fan speed so it was a bit pointless putting 50 as medium, instead that should have been high. There is 3 distinct speeds on the fanmate, but they only operate over a half a turn of the control knob.

I think one reason your temps might have been high is due to poor case airflow. The Zalman dumps all the heat into the case and it doesn't look like you had an exhaust fan in your test setup because of the corsair cpu cooler. There is also no direct fresh air going to the gpu so it will keep recycling the hot air it blows out.

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