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Originally Posted by spixel View Post
Our fanmates are the same. What I meant is the medium should have been tested at 30 percent. Like you mentioned turning the fan contoller past 50 percent does not increase fan speed so it was a bit pointless putting 50 as medium, instead that should have been high. There is 3 distinct speeds on the fanmate, but they only operate over a half a turn of the control knob.
It's hard to judge what's a true medium when the sound and feel of the fan differs so little at >50% speeds. I do agree somewhat, however. 50% might seem like a medium but if a fan doesn't kick in until well past 0% on the dial, than that could be adjusted.

Originally Posted by spixel View Post
I think one reason your temps might have been high is due to poor case airflow. The Zalman dumps all the heat into the case and it doesn't look like you had an exhaust fan in your test setup because of the corsair cpu cooler. There is also no direct fresh air going to the gpu so it will keep recycling the hot air it blows out.
That's a good observation, and I agree. But with the advent of these AIO coolers, I can see many running into this "problem". I wouldn't mind a chassis design where I could mount a fan off the door to point towards the GPU. I have so much stuff crammed in my chassis, it heats up something awful. Almost to the mount where I'm considering a better cooling solution.

For what it's worth, I'm still running this Zalman cooler, and it's been holding up well. Idling at 39C. I moved apartments since we last spoke, and this one happens to be a wee bit warmer.

The test bench with three monitors might be contributing to that a bit though ;-)
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