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Originally Posted by Kayden View Post
When I first saw the Corsair K90 and K60 I wanted was cross between the two so it would have the missing Macro Keys (like the K60), the full wrist rest and light up keys (like the K90). I couldn't get the wrist rest for the K60 so I never got it because that was more important then the light keys but I could lived with out the lights, but not the wrist rest so I never got the K60. The K70 has everything that I wanted, the only question left now is, when can I get it?

EDIT: Especially since I know now that Logitech doesn't plan to come out with a keyboard with a LED back light display, with Mechanical keys.
Not the perfect keyboard but still nice one. I am very much satisfied with my microsoft keyboard so need real special one to change it
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