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It's a little bit hilarious that our GPU test rig uses the exact same chassis + PSU (though the chassis will be turning into a Storm Trooper soon).

Originally Posted by Kougar
I was originally aiming for purple liquid to match the black tubing, and it was purple in the jug but for some reason the red dye quickly turned brown in the loop... so now it looks like the reservoir is filled with coffee with dairy creamer in it. I don't drink the stuff so it's better off in there anyway. So now it's just my hot coffee mod.
By the pictures, it still appears pretty purple? Or was this before it turned to brown?

Originally Posted by Kougar
Under full load at 3.5Ghz the new rig literally uses about 145 watts less power from the wall as compared to the 920 rig.
That is amazing, but not all too surprising. Those 900 series of CPUs were hot as hell. My brother is using a 920 as well I believe and his CPU literally idles in the BIOS at 50C.

Originally Posted by Kougar
As a side note. I took my OS drive straight out of the X58 motherboard and plugged it into the Z87 board.... Win 7 booted right up without nary a complaint and a few drivers later it's actually good as new
That tends to work out well, but backtracking would force you to reinstall the chipset drivers (I recently ported an OS from the Z77 platform to X79 and there were a ton of system things not installed in the Device Manager; a chipset reinstall fixed that).

Nice looking PC, man!
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