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With Quakecon just a little over 30 days away.... and M-I getting blessed with the modding competition again this year.... things are getting hot here in Texas... and now, to make it a bit more competitive, 3 of us from M-I are engaging in a little mod off of our own! We might not be able to compete in the actual modding competition.... but that won't stop us from bringing the noise to the show! I'm doing some prototyping right now... have not started my thread yet on M-I. but that will be coming shortly enough. But, I am basing my mod on the upcoming Bethesda game, Wolfenstein, The New Order ....

Have not played the game, only watched some reveal trailers, but I think I have enough to make this thing fun!

More as I have it!

PS: Rob... you need to come down here some time! The surface of the sun can be a fun place to vacation! :P
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