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Originally Posted by RainMotorsports View Post
Of course you can. Its pretty much a matter of game support. I could run Sins of a Solar Empire on 2 screens with my laptops 9800M. Many games that support windowed mode can be forced upon as many screens as you can drive as well.

Unless you had an epic card like this I would recommend gaming like this but you can run 3 screens indirectly via many tricks. While some cards are offered with 4 or 5 ports via a chip. You can also use USB adapters which are basically a pathway but the GPU is still doing the rendering. All the solutions available are generally fine for software workflow purposes. But generally not for gaming across.

I accidently ran 3 screens thanks to the on CPU intel graphics. I forget which way I had it configured but the special drivers were not installed for multi gpu support with the intel. I had 2 screens on the Nvidia one on the Intel all 3 showing up in nvidia control panel.
You seems to be very experienced person..Running two to three screens is not easy.. I have tried many a times but failed..
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