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Default Help Needed - Windows 7 Welcome Screen

Since my son is getting older and likes to play games on the, Nick Jr., and other sites, we thought it was time to setup a separate account for him so that we could set controls and keep him safe.

That much was easy, but I'm having trouble getting the Windows 7 welcome screen to act like it did with XP. What I'd like to have is to show all local accounts on the welcome screen.

Here's the account break down.

Monique - my wife's admin account. No password.
Ben - my son's new standard user account. No password.
NetAcc - a standard user account to share local resources. Password protected.
Guest - disabled

Something else that I'm running into is when the welcome screen comes up as it is now, it displays a username or password is incorrect. It's trying to log into something, which isn't want I want.

Here's what I've tried so far.
Both the post marked Answer and the most helpful reply.

I'm sure it's something stupid that I'm missing, but I've been looking at the damn thing for so long that I think it's time for a set of fresh eyes.

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