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Default bitcoin, Nvidia gpgpus, & ebay

I never know where to put threads like this as it covers a few topic areas.

I never did bitcoin but am aware that the competitive bidding I got involved with on ebay was from those that were buying the accelerator cards for bitcoin mining ... I think I have that right. Now that bitcoin seems to have collapsed, I am seeing the Nvidia accelerator cards for pre-bitcoin pricing on ebay. However I believe that these are probably still too high given that Nvidia has introduced the newer & 25% faster gpgpus (double the RAM tho). So I expect that the new cards will push down the older cards (C2070 for pcs, M2090 needing external cooling of a server rack chassis... current ebay ~$1K). On the other hand, the bitcoin guys probably would have been all over the newer cards like the Quadro K6000 (ebay $4K to $10K) and no longer will be.

The point of this thread is just to elicit comment/conjecture about this. I suspect that without bitcoin the ebay pricing of all of these cards will drop dramatically. The older M2090 does not have any monitor connectors. The Quadro K6000 does so this could keep that price up. But for only 25% faster I don't see as a big draw.
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