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Default 3 Years later: It is finally time to put it to rest

Its time has come. The left button is starting to fail. The internal left click switch has become unresponsive forcing me to put more pressure on it. But when I do so, it tends to get stuck for a little while, making the mouse respond as if I was doing a drag operation with it, instead of a single click.

3 years is how long it last. I can say this is a wonderful mouse. I'm getting a replacement ASAP. Won't consider anything else for my work and gaming while it still ships.

Battery is still great after these 3 years. The general outlook of the mouse, despite its intensive use (consider an average of ~9 hours a day for 365 * 3 days, for a total of ~10,000 hours) is very good. Doesn't look new, but still looks good. Every other part of the mouse still works.
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