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So for a quick update: I'm not sure why I drug my feet for so long, but I finally jumped aboard the mechanical keyboard train. I went with the Corsair K70 with the blue switches. I purchased some 40 A-L red key switch dampners as well. but after a good week of usage, I decided I love the way it sounds as is! The K70 perfectly compliments my Roccat Kone XTD mouse, and in a fit of an impulse buy, I decided to buy ANOTHER mechanical keyboard. I was playing around with my friends Cherry red keyboard and the feel for quick reflex games is second to none. So now I'm awaiting my Cooler Master Quickfire Stealth to come in the mail, with red switches nonetheless.

I say its an impulse buy but really I can see the need for 2 mechanical keyboards. I love the tenkeyless design of the stealth, and the key caps that have the digits on the body of the key caps, not on the face. I'll use the K70 for 90% of gaming and everything else, but the Stealth will be best for quick action FPS games. Man I'm kicking myself for not jumping on the mechanical ship sooner! I've been missing out on so much over the years...
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