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Originally Posted by zacharyt1122 View Post
in a fit of an impulse buy, I decided to buy ANOTHER mechanical keyboard. I was playing around with my friends Cherry red keyboard and the feel for quick reflex games is second to none. So now I'm awaiting my Cooler Master Quickfire Stealth to come in the mail, with red switches nonetheless.
Ahh good, you're addicted. You might enjoy this sub-Reddit, then:

Originally Posted by Optix View Post
I'm a certified non-believer in mechanical switch technology. It's just too loud. Lately I find that even membrane keyboards tend to be too clicky for my tastes, but then again I've always been a really fast, really heavy typer.
I use red, and it's not that much louder than standard keyboards. If it is to you, you can just add some dampeners which will put it in line with membrane boards.

As for scissor switches, it's all about the feel of the feedback that people like with mechanicals. I don't really like the feedback on laptops.

That all said, I prefer red over anything, because other switches I've used have just been way, way too loud. So loud, someone two rooms away could hear it even with my door closed. That's kind of ridiculous.
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