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That's been my thing with red keys, they are not that great for typing due to being so responsive. I'm a sloppy typist, my fingers have a habit of grazing other keys. Under those conditions with a normal keyboard, those grazes don't register. With the red keys, just a slight depression and they'll register. I guess in some way that'll improve my typing, since it forces me to be more precise with my key presses; on the other hand, it's really annoying.

The first time I used reds for gaming, it really was quite the revelation, even for less critical things like MMOs; you reflexively hit the key, and before you finish, it's already activated. The other thing as well, was the weight of the key, reduced strain on the fingers. Typing on a rubber dome keyboard now starts to aggravate my RSI within an hour. Who'd have thought an extra 10-20 grams would make such a difference on RSI.
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