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Default Couple of notes

Just read your article on the MX1000, and wanted to make a few comments. I have had one for 3-4 months now and overall I am very happy with it. I just wanted to clarify/note a couple of things that I have experienced.

1. The right/left scroll function is something that Microsoft did first with its Intellimouse Explorer and Bluetooth mice. I have tried both, and the Logitech button feels more secure than the MS did.

2. The perils of early adoption. When I got my MX1000, I had some trouble with the scroll up/down button sticking in the page down position. It seems it was a little tight in the space provided. I took mine apart and filed down the back edge of the button a little, reassembled, and now it works perfect. I do not know if anyone else had this problem, but if they do, it is relatively simple to fix.

3. Logitech released new software, Setpoint, to go with the MX1000. It has problems with the older Mouseware drivers and sometimes requires reinstalling the Mouseware drivers AFTER the Setpoint drivers have been installed in order to work properly.

4. Setpoint has issues with some versions of Firefox in the the Forward/Back buttons will not work. They have to be reprogrammed to send Alt-Left and Alt-Right - OR you have to update your FF installation. It works fine with 1.2

5. It works great for gaming once you get used to it. You may have to turn down your mouse sensitivities from what you are used to. The laser also will register up to 1/4" off of the surface, so if you are working in a small area and pick the mouse up a alot, you will have to keep that in mind. If you intend to game with this mouse a lot, I will tell you that you should disable the Program Switch button. I found myself inadvertently hitting that button and getting my desktop quite a bit because of its placement.
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