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Originally Posted by leecho7
You better reserve the day retailers start accepting reservations. I reserved my XBox 360 3 days after they started accepting reservations, and I didn't get mine until after Christmas just when the ridculously high prices fell to an amount I wasn't satisfied with (after ebay+paypal fees, i would have only made an estimated $20 profit unless I got lucky or set a ridiculous reserve.)

As for the PS3, I'm gonna hold off on that because I was really disappointed with the 360. I'm gonna wait for the PS3 to get better hardware (knowing SOny, theres something going to be wrong with their first shipment), and for it to drop in price.
Couldnt have said it better.

There are some arguments quoting the production cost exceeding the initial price though. The production cost of course will be going down, but the price?

I'm not sure why or how sony would do this, but looking at some price breakdowns it is very plausible. I'll still wait till they get the kinks out though, my current ps2 is recalled, but i dont have the receipt.
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