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No worries guys, we all love helping people around here

The soundcard basically plugs into your USB port, and then your headset plugs into it. It's basically an external soundcard.. perfect if you don't have a spare PCI slot, or want a good soundcard for a laptop.

It actually looks like a quality product, although I have yet to try one personally. The ability to have 7.1 sound from a USB card sounds wicked to me. I think I like the fact that you can plug your microphone into it even, instead of running it to the back of your PC.

Generally speaking though.. if you have a 7.1 soundcard in your PC, and it's not an on-board one, you probably won't need this soundcard. The headphones should sound just as good on a decent 7.1 soundcard as with the external one they sell.

Personally, I'd only buy that USB soundcard if you don't have a soundcard in your PC, or your only sound card is already being taken up by speakers.
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