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Madmat, thanks man. I think I agree with you on the cooler.. it just may be junk. The BFG Ultras have the dual slot cooler, and I haven't heard any complaints from anyone with any of those.

Madstork, Heh, gotta love Sonic! THPS as well.

Is buying anything graphically realted really going to be worth it untill this typhoon of "next gen" hit us?

That's the tight spot. With the 7800GTX coming out in under two weeks, it's hard to say whether that will effect 6*** prices at all. Chances are, the 7800GTX will be so expensive, that it just won't affect anything under it.

Technically, I don't think you could go wrong with buying one now, but I personally wouldn't take the chance. Once the R520 and other 7*** cards come out, then the 6*** will decrease in price.

Isn't technology great?
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