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Originally Posted by Rob Williams
What WC set up do you recommend anyway?

Rob, dont forget about the Zalman 7700 and the 7000. I have the 7000 and it kept my A64 3500 Winnie just above 30C idle and never got above 37 under load. The XP 90 and the 120 both are killer heatsinks but I am a fan of the Zalman. Another thing is a heatsink is only as good as the fan you put on it. Thats the problem with the stock HS/F combo that AMD and Intel both bundle with their CPU's have such dinky little fans on then and anything milled that poorly from a block of aluminum isn't going to help you at all. Of course, they were inteded to dissapate the stock heat put off by a CPU at stock settings....thats where we overclockers add another stock heatsink and fan combo to the pile on a shelf

Also, for watercooling, as long as you stress test it outside of your case for at least 12 hours, there is nothing to fear. I recommend Danger Den, Koolance makes a decent water block.......there are many that are good, I would just mix and match your peices to suit your needs.
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