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Rob Williams
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Default Survey: P2P users purchase 30% more music than non-P2P users

The survey provides some limited support for the view that file sharing promotes, rather than hinders, legitimate music purchases. The average American on a peer-to-peer network has a music library of almost 2000 songs. Of these, 760 (38 percent) are reported to be legitimately purchased. In contrast, those who say they are not P2P users (but do collect digital music files) have an average library size of 1300 songs. Of those, 582 (roughly 45 percent) were purchased from legitimate sources. Most of the others were ripped from CDs or copied from friends and family.

Not too much of a surprise.
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Hmm I just stopped getting music entirely. Zero loss due to piracy, Zero profit due to sales. Eat it record companys lol.
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