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Rob Williams
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Originally Posted by RainMotorsports View Post
Not sure how it could be a major exaggeration.
I admit that I was off-the-mark when I thought I configured the entire server in 250 characters. It's more like 800; more if you count the edits I had to make to certain files. I logged into the server and viewed the command history to see what I used to setup the server.

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade
useradd techgage
apt-get install apache2 mysql-server php5 rsync phpmyadmin logwatch jpegtran libjpeg-progs imagemagick htop memcached
df -BMB
cd /home
nano -w (wrote a script to import the server, including automatic SQL import)
chown techgage:techgage
rsync -av -e ssh [email protected]:/etc/apache2 /etc/apache2
mysql -u root -p (created database user, and databases).
echo "I wonder if Brett will notice this."
cd /etc/apache2/
(Double-checked some configuration stuffs here)
/etc/init.d/apache2 restart
nano -w /etc/crontab
nmap -sS
watch "echo stats | nc 11211"
date +%T -s "17:48:00"
cd /home/SQL ; sh
chown techgage:techgage -R /home/techgage/public_html/wp-content/

At the end of the day, command-line is super quick if you know how to use it. I prefer it over a GUI any day of the week when dealing with low-level stuffs like this. I don't like GUIs, because they can slow you down (mostly if you are a fast typer), especially when tapping in remotely. I can still understand why people would prefer the GUI... it's easier. I wouldn't call it quicker.
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Partition Master
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Originally Posted by Rob Williams View Post
echo "I wonder if Brett will notice this."
LOL I call the whole lot there an easy day. Your actually setting up and importing an entire server. Funny this operation is much larger than a single tiny task I speak of, yet very easy. I am only talking about configuring a very small piece of a large piece of software.

Once again and I will rephrase, The command line is not the operating system, its an interface which has no set definition. Sure we have some basic utilities and commands that stay the same. However in the examples I wish to provide NONE of those would be used. We are talking about individual applications and services to which can not be mastered without constant study. Even then there is no end. With it not being my profession to do such things I do not have a constant stream of education.

You list a routine action for you. I speak of tasks which are rarely needed to be done however the day the challenge comes I am given two options. I don't get phone calls asking me to modify a server to support something I know how to support. If I did it would probably already be in place or it at least wouldn't be worth mentioning much less complaining about having to do. You can't magically install an application of which you know what it does and are familiar with its competition and then use it on the command line. With a GUI I can walk up to many applications I have never used before and quickly make use of them. This separates the casual user and professional.

In the hypothetical environment where the GUI is always available. For the designer the command line provides a resource effective way of updating and expanding the application/services capabilities. This cost is passed on to the user and or company in the form of training. Its good, but any person who masters his operating system and 1,000 applications within it is still not going to be able to move onto something new and blindly walk into its command line counterpart with any amount of efficiency. They both have their place and advantages.

The argument centers around the concept that the Server OS and the services running on it are for the IT professional. They are and they should be. But regular people rent out servers all the time, usually with the aid of some control panel. More and more servers are finding their way into the home or into the hands of the casual user. I run physical (not the games themselves) servers for a gaming community and another for myself. We are talking about something that has more than one market this day in age. Some PHP/Perl web control panel is not the way these users are dealing with them anymore and many things they deal with do offer a GUI interface as well as the CLI. I don't think you will find it that odd these users are using the GUI and do not have as much time to learn all of the operations on the command line.
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