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Default 8800GTS 512mb Performance

Hey T-gage, I ordered a EVGA 8800GTS 512 a week ago and heres what I'm getting in the following games:

I currently have mine running stable at 750/1025

Oblivion: 1680x1050 all settings maxed with HDR no AA or Bloom getting constant 60+fps also in the shivering isles. (Image settings set to Quality)

Crysis: 1280x1024 all settings on high AAx2 and getting constant 50-60fps

COD4: Running at 1680x1050 at max settings AAx4 constant 60+fps with image settings on quality.

UT3: settings maxed at 1680x1050 running post processing set to intense getting 60fps constant on all maps except for a couple where it will dip down to 50 at times.

This card owns and comes with a copy of crysis when purchased from newegg, I hope some of this info will help you guys with a purchase. This card plays leap frog with the 768mb gtx and I wouldn't think twice before ordering it.
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