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Audio Audiophile or not, all sound card, speakers or general audio posts should be posted here.

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Default Need help with sound/speakers

Hi folks i need some advise on sound speakers, and a 20 inch monitor (hope i'm at the right place, sound and screen issue), because i'm out of options!)
Because i cant use the main hdtv all the time.

I want to connect a PS3 and a Full HD mediaplayer on a 20 inch pc monitor (it has hdcp and DVI). But my main issue is the speakers, i want to use speakers but
without powering the pc, just the speakers only. And preferably low price solutions regarding the sound, it doesnt have to be fancy.

Can i use this screen the Samsung 2043WM it has speakers and connection for headphones its hdcp compliant and has dvi to connect a PS3 and
a eGreat MG-M31B, it has stereo and SPDIF digital audio on
Or suggestions for a different mediaplayer as long as it has HDMI 1.3

the screen:

Or perhaps you guys have other simple options, about speakers/sound/screens without powering the pc.

Thanks in advance
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