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Sorry ive been away fromt eh puter for a while.

Im not saying there are actual game demos there. They just seem to take alot of cues fromt eh hardware and game devleopers out there be incorperating new shader model techniques into the tests, most of which are then later touted by a particular developer as being a new custom shader setup they developed just for this or that game.

I just dont believe that inthe current market of computer hardware, with as much driver cooking as goes on, with as much marketing hooha that goes on, that 3dMark is a valid test anymore. It doesnt prove anything other then your system is capable of running it, at a reasonable frame rate. And even then, the actual numbers it pumps out, do not necesarly mean it had steller FPS.

To me its like reading an issue of Car & Driver. The issue with the new Mustang vs. the GTO comes to mind. The GTO got better gas milage, stopped from 60 MPH faster. Slolomed quicker. Lapped faster. Accelerated harder. And not by a small margin either mind you. But the Mustang won the review, and got top number becuase it scored a killer "GOTTA HAVE IT!" rating, which pushed it a few points over the GTO to be the ultimate winner of the contest. In essence...its BS. And this is the type of testing method i belive 3dM uses to build its scoring system. And i doubt its validity.

It does make your e-penis look bigger though.
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